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Dr. Shaine Rider and Claire Rider

Shaine E. Rider, D.C.

Dr. Rider has been practicing chiropractic in his hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana since 2000.  He attended the University of Mississippi graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Biology.  He also attended Louisiana State University for microbiology graduate studies, prior to attending Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas.  In 1999, he attained a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  He is a Board Certified, Doctor of Chiropractic, who has brought satisfying relief and correction to many patients through gentle, painless spinal manipulation by hand.  Dr. Rider is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the Chiropractic Association of Louisiana.

Dr. Rider had a close friend’s testimonial that peaked his interest in chiropractic care, when modern medicine had no solutions.  In chiropractic college, everything made since to him.  He learned about vertebral subluxations, their effects on the nervous system, and the ability of the body to function at its optimum potential once the spine is clear of interference.

​After finishing chiropractic college, Dr. Rider began his practice with a group for a few years prior to opening his own clinic, Optimum Health Chiropractic in 2004.  Dr. Rider has now been working in the chiropractic field for over 20 years, exploring chiropractic and what it has to offer. Through this exploration, he has discovered that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. He has treated many types of patients including athletes, infants, children, pregnant women, teenagers and adults. He wants to bring this knowledge and passion to families in the Lake Charles area helping them to reach a goal of overall health and wellness.

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